When on the horizon appears something good, really do not want to think about the poor, about the worst version of the turn of events. When making a bank loan, not every borrower thinks about how he will repay the debt if he suddenly loses a job, falls ill and cannot work or be demoted. This situation can result in very large problems, especially if there is credit, and did not have one. What to do in this situation? How not to screw up the relationship with the Bank and not be dispossessed?

The very first thing you should remember the borrower left without work, it's necessary to warn his lender about the circumstances. The fact of the matter is that the Bank, issuing credit for several years, estimates the arrival of money and looks forward to their regular intake. Therefore, loss of employment by the borrower very disadvantageous influence on the Bank, and the size of the fines and penalties here plays a small role. Therefore, experts recommend that borrowers will immediately inform the Bank about their changed financial situation. The Bank expects to receive from its customers accurate and up-to-date information. Many borrowers who have lost their income and having thousands of debt to the Bank, prefer to hide, Miss loan payments, assuming that this option is the best, and the Bank will soon forget about them and about the debt. However, in such cases, it is best to immediately come to the Bank, tell about your problem and to assure the Bank that you are never going to give up their loan obligations. It is this behavior will distinguish you as a responsible borrower who can be trusted.

What do you do if the old revenue lost, and debt remained? Here you have several options. First, you can contact the Bank-creditor requesting credit holidays. Most often delay is available for up to 12 months. In such a situation, the borrower may be completely relieved from the payment of the loan or to pay only interest on the loan. The meaning of credit holidays is that during their duration, the borrower will have time to find a job and be able to pay the debt in the same rhythm. In other words, ask the Bank to provide loan holiday makes sense for those borrowers who are sure that work will soon be found and revenue-has been restored.

Secondly, you can contact the Bank for loan restructuring. Restructuring is a procedure involving the amendment of credit agreement that is signing a new loan agreement. Can also be modified loan terms, the term of the loan or interest rate. The restructuring also frequently face, which combine multiple loans from different financial institutions into one debt, but in one credit institution. In the case where the borrower applies for restructuring because of job losses, the Bank can go forward, stop applying penalties to extend the term of the loan, together with credit holidays.

It should be noted that the restructuring is an excellent chance not to spoil its hard-earned a positive credit history. Therefore, seek help from your lender, you must as soon as possible, without waiting for overdues, fines and wrathful calls of the Bank.

So, if a borrower comes to the Bank to restructure the loan, you must proactively decide which payment in the current situation would be most appropriate. In a conversation with the credit manager you need to specify further modalities of cooperation, the amount of monthly payments and other issues.

What if the borrower has a mortgage, a job is lost? Also in this case there are several options that may help borrowers avoid becoming persistent defaulters. The first thing you may want to consider a sale of mortgage housing to return most of the debt. If the sale does not suit you, you can rent their dwellings for rent, fees for which give the Bank as credit assessments. Of course, if you want to lease an apartment tenants must receive authorization from the Bank because of mortgage apartment is mortgaged property and any actions that are taken with it, must necessarily be consistent with the lender. A third option is to help States-borrower must apply to the AGENCY.

Remember, all of the banks and in the MOSCOW REGION should be confirmed by a package of necessary documents, a list of which should be to learn from credit institutions. In any case, if you feel that your financial situation can change for the worse, and you have credit obligations, it is necessary to think over their actions and try to avoid delay, charging fines and refer the case to the Court.

Before going to the Bank for a loan, you must fill in an application form, which the Bank will consider and will make a preliminary decision on lending. The potential borrower is asked to indicate the necessary amount. Often, the client, after receiving approval and an invitation to the Bank for the execution of the loan agreement, learns that he does not approve the requested amount, and half lower. The question arises as to how to proceed in such a situation: accept and take what is given, or argue and try to persuade the Bank to issue more? What are the ways to increase the amount of the loan-this will be discussed in this article.

To begin with, it should be noted that each bank issuing credit, to get their own money, together with interest at the end of the loan period. To do so, it must verify the creditworthiness of the borrower. In addition, each bank responsible lending, there are important tasks, one of which is to minimize loss and maximize profits. Therefore issued loans must be returned on time, together with the absence of interest. In order to find those customers, banks here on a variety of tricks, for example, the call credit with approval, but without specifying the approved amount. When you receive the good news clients run to collect documents. That is not approved by the amount they requested, customers will usually only with a visit to the Bank. The collected documents assist the Bank to collect the potential client even more information, check out its capacity to pay, and to agree to the proposed sum or not is a matter only of the potential borrower. In addition, there is the practice of applying for loan to multiple banking institutions. Once approved, you will receive all could be considered the very best

A distinction should be drawn between loan processing and approval of applications for credit. The fact that the approval of a non-banking institution is obliged, as indeed the borrower. Thus, the Bank only gives insight into your future client that the preliminary validation test passed, you can consider further documents and to make a final decision. Therefore, when applying to several credit institutions and obtaining approvals a potential borrower has the right to choose the offer that he seems to be the most advantageous.

But the question is, why does the application for a certain amount of banks sometimes offer only half remains open? Actually is pretty easy to explain this behavior. After all, the Bank before issuing funds in debt, carefully examines the potential client, is reviewing its credit standing, and if the test proves that the client is not able to maintain the income of the requested amount, credit is still supported, but in smaller amount. The fact is that the cost of credit per month is not more than 50% of income. Therefore, even if the borrower thinks that by 30 thousand rubles, it is easy to live on 10 thousand, and 66% may give to the Bank, he is still fail in the required amount. In addition, banks often refuse necessary sum on account of dissatisfaction with a source of income.

But if we ask the Bank for a certain amount, so we need this, don't you? How to do in this case? Is there a way to zastavitsa the Bank give the amount needed? According to credit experts, the Bank can be persuaded to give the required amount, but the Bank's decision will depend on several factors.

Of course, everyone knows that getting "white", the official salary in Russia was far from everyone. Many people choose to work in the enterprise, where the paid salary of grey. In this case, it is necessary to prove to the Bank that your income is higher than indicated in the help 2НДФЛ. Of course, many employers prefer this information not to advertise, but free-form help, or help form well suited most often arrange and employer, and a bank. Also, many citizens work on the substantive work and in her spare time, work part time, for example, under the Treaty, which will serve as a proof of earning extra money. But not only from the employer depends, will be issued a credit for the help form or not. In spite of the fact that most banks now prefer to work with clients such as loosening their other institutions are also those banks that take into account only the official, white income.

The Bank was set to issue the requested amount, you can ask him anything as collateral. In this case, good real estate, car, land securities and shares. If you have some additional income, for example, rent from housing, percentage of contribution to the income of the Bank also takes into account and may consider a higher amount possible on credit. Don't forget that all his property must be verified by documents.